This week is all about cutting through the bullshit. Mike arrives home to his apartment after a late night in the office to find his door open. After a rather lame threat of shooting said intruder, Mike flicks on the light to find his grandmother dozing on the couch.

When will Meghan Markle’s final episode of Suits be aired?

After mocking him for his lame threat, Mike realizes he had forgotten that they supposed to have dinner because he has been working so hard he forgot what day it was. Next day at Pearson Hardman, Jessica welcomes Daniel back at the senior associates meeting. Turns out, Jessica improvised that to try and keep Daniel away from a major case.

She needs Harvey to put Daniel in his place. Harvey finds Mike asleep at his desk and tells him he needs the summary of the Prescott case; from Rachel. Harvey also needs four bullshit pro-bono cases he knows Mike has been working on even though Mike is supposed to be a heartless corporate lawyer. When asked if she was ok, Rachel replied, no, but she was too damn busy to do anything else but work. Donna and women everywhere applaud your life choices honey. Either way Harvey will learn to respect him.

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So the hospital is willing to spend money on robots, but not their nurses. Nell leaves the table, reminding Mike and Harvey that the union has a fully funded strike fund and they will use it unless the union can get access to that money. Harvey points out that a TRO is temporary and an injunction is permanent. Mike will just have to miss out on his greatness. Turns out, that was a good thing as Harvey arrives in the courtroom and finds Daniel has moved up the hearing and the judge has issued a TRO against the union.

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He can either work with Daniel on the case or this was how it was going to be. For every day the union strikes, the offer gets worse. Daniel confronts Harvey about the TRO. He is now one of her one million followers, and she also follows him after he gave her details of his secret social media accounts. The Prince was reportedly booked on a flight from Heathrow to Toronto, where Miss Markle lives, on Sunday morning but cancelled the trip after news of the relationship broke in a Sunday newspaper.

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New Show Recap: Suits, Episode 2.3, “Meet the New Boss”

Rachel is seen taking the LSATs. Harvey tells Mike the story behind Hardman's past. Travis Tanner is back in town, and has his sights set firmly on Harvey. His accusations that Pearson Hardman withheld evidence in a case where they represented Coastal Motors motivate Jessica and Harvey to be less than transparent with Hardman. Donna is shocked to discover that she actually received and signed for the damning document. Harvey feels undermined when Jessica makes him second chair to Allison Holt Diane Neal on a lawsuit that could make or break the firm — and his back-seat driving might have far-reaching consequences.

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Mike represents a tennis prodigy Julian Alcaraz who wants to be emancipated from his coach-father Conrad Dunn , who opposes the year-old turning pro. Donna deals with the fallout from the Coastal Motors case and is fired when she panics and destroys the document. While in Atlantic City, Harvey and Mike decide to pursue the case of a man who gambled away his company, due to Harvey's history with the client, Keith Hoyt Peter Outerbridge. Meanwhile, Louis and Rachel work together to protect an admired institution, and Jessica struggles as she tries to defend the firm.

Scott Grimes appears as an entrepreneur who enjoys high-stakes gambling, [7] and Matthew Glave as an attorney. Zoe has the team prepare a mock trial as a warm-up for the real thing, and Louis is asked to take the role of Travis Tanner.

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Harvey asks Donna to testify that she destroyed the Coastal Motors memo, but she has retained a lawyer of her own and plans to plead the Fifth. Harvey and Mike look back five years into their pasts to see how it affects them today. The episode reveals Harvey's rise from senior associate to junior partner very shortly after his father's death, Mike's initial motivation for getting into the illegal LSAT-proxy business, details surrounding Hardman's original dismissal from the firm, and a person of interest surrounding that dismissal who can help Jessica battle Hardman for managing control in the present day.

When Louis is promoted to senior partner and has the deciding vote in the firm's future, Harvey must convince him to support Jessica. After Louis discovers that Hardman intended to make him the fall guy for his embezzlement schemes five years ago, Hardman admits his indiscretion, then tries to convince Louis that he is "not that person" anymore.

Meanwhile, Harvey defends a brash sportscaster Jeff B. Davis who accuses a star baseball player of using performance-enhancing drugs, with no apparent evidence to back up his claims. Donna returns to the firm. Rachel learns that she did well on the LSAT. Mike uses his end-of-year bonus to buy an apartment for his grandmother in Manhattan. While waiting at the apartment for his grandmother so he can surprise her, Rachel arrives and informs Mike that his grandmother died.

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Hardman wins the partners' vote, including the vote from Louis, and replaces Jessica as managing partner. He and Louis begin making Harvey and Mike's work lives miserable. Harvey smokes marijuana with Mike, and when Louis observes Harvey high, he has Hardman order him to take a drug test.

Harvey refuses and a partners meeting is held to determine if he will be fired. At that meeting, Harvey and Mike reveal evidence not all valid of Hardman's past treachery, including his setting up Donna, Harvey and ultimately Jessica for the fall in the Coastal Motors case, and it is Hardman who is fired.

Suits - Rachel tells Mike she kissed Logan

Mike meets his childhood friend Tess Elisabeth Hower at his grandmother's funeral, where Tess and Rachel support him in making a speech. Mike wants to act on the mutual attraction with Rachel, but she asks him to wait. Rachel changes her mind and goes to Mike's apartment, only to discover him in bed with Tess. Mike is still having sex and getting high with Tess, even after the interruption from Rachel. Mike is assigned the case of a young man named Liam Reiley McClendon who was involved in a hit and run while driving home from a party. The memory of his own parents being killed by a drunk driver compromises Mike's ability to act in the best interest of his client.

Harvey wants to celebrate Hardman's dismissal with Zoe Lawford, but finds out that Zoe's brother has just dropped off his daughter, Olivia, on short notice.