The other important detail of the bottle design is that all three can be found in the earlier punch top which required a church key to open as well as with an early design of the pull tab. Second generation diamond bottle can - probably the most commonly seen! Click image for a higher resolution picture. Although the bottle design cans are much more common than the ealier plain diamond cans, they are nonetheless, still very desirable.

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The first version is available as a flat and a pull top, with the flat top being a much tougher find. The distinction between the first and second version of this can is made by the placement of the "Contents 12 FL OZS".

The first version has it at the top, while the second , available only as a pull tab for the first time, shows it at the bottom. The final version of this can made it's appearance in It was Coke's first effort at using an all aluminum design.

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This can is easily distinguished from its predecessor due to the indented ridge at the top lid and the curved aluminum shape at the base with no true bottom lid. In addition, the All Aluminum statement is made on the bottom of the can.

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A second and more common all aluminum can quickly made it's debute, but this time the all aluminum statement was on the side of the can. The harlequin designs remained in use until the next generation change which took place in as coke moved to it's spiral design which we are still familiar with today.

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  • Take a look at the first spiral design can , a very difficult to find two panel dull red flap top - notice that the one content line lists "Carmel Colored" as the only item. This can was also available in metallic paint. The second spiral design , released in had a shorter "Coke" on the side panel, yet still only listed one content line. It is also available in dull red or metallic paint.

    An interesting aside for the Coke collector that must have every can, in , Coke test marketed a 16 oz version of the harlequin design from its Portland, OR plant.

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    This is an extremely tough find and is considered a very rare can! The first larger scale production 16 oz can came out in and was a dull version of the first spiral design from above with one content line. It is pretty tough to find! Another tough find is the only domestic 10 ounce can, from Gretna, LA in It's a very rare can that could easily be mistaken for a Canadian can.

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    • The top line will only be numbers. The bottom line will be a combination of letters and numbers. Read the top line of the text.


      The first two numbers refers to the month. For example, if the numbers say 10, the product manufacturing month was October. Look at the second set of numbers on the top line. This is a three-digit number.

      This number lists the day of the year the product was manufactured. Read the last group of numbers at the end of the row. This group may be 1 or 2 numbers.