September is the month where many sororities celebrate "Purity Month" as a means to get closer to each other and form bonds with their fellow sisters. While many other college freshmen indulge in the hedonism of partying, hooking up and excessive drinking, sorority girls are focused on embracing the rule of "no bars, no booze and no boys.

Yet again, these are a set of restrictions that apply to Greek women but not Greek men. They sacrifice a part of their freedom in the name of purity and they are expected to uphold while their male counterparts are doing keg stands and waking up hungover the next morning. Just another rule to follow if you want to be part of the quote, unquote "sisterhood. Unlike the living situations of many college dorms and apartments, slobs and girls who don't clean up after themselves are seriously frowned upon when it comes to being in a sorority.

You are viewed as someone who isn't respecting the living communal space of herself and others around her if you are someone who has a hard time staying on top of chores. Luckily, the sorority girls usually work out a system of who does what at which designated time so that no one gets stuck with all of the responsibilities. Girls who are not pulling their weight usually find themselves in trouble with other chapter members because they are creating a burden for the others that live in the house.

Being in a sorority teaches you domestic skills as a housekeeper. Being a part of a sorority is like having a relationship with a single entity even though each member is part of something that is greater than themselves. Much like being a part of a sports team, the group organization requires that you invest not just your money, but the time into its various charity events and philanthropic initiatives. The more time that you put in, the more that you rise into the ranks of leaderships.

It will be frowned upon if you are one of those sorority girls that only shows up to fun time events but then neglects to put the work into setting the whole event up in the first place. Understandably, there are other obligations college students have like say studying or work.

Total Frat Move | Date A GDI, Marry A Sorority Girl

Being a part of a sorority means that you have to make it a priority. This time of silence is a period when potential new sorority or fraternity members can take time and contemplate their decision to pledge their allegiance to the organization without any influence of established Greek members. The Greek Council rules state that no member of a sorority or a fraternity could discuss insider Greek matters with any potential new members during Rush Week.

This time when new recruits and members don't communicate much with each other is designed to leave room for objective reflection to ensure that they are making the right decision to join the sorority or fraternity. This seems like a fair rule to follow that makes it comfortable for both new members and established members to accept the new additions. There is strict barrier to who can attend sorority events and who cannot. The rule is quite simple: Anyone who is a potential new recruit or on the fence about joining that particular sorority has not earned their right to celebrate the events of those who have already made the decision to commit.

It wouldn't be fair in the eyes of the sorority or anyone involved in Greek life for that matter if potential recruits were allowed to join in on the fun only to later make the decision to not join the sorority.

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This is what gives sorority girls a reputation for being too exclusive or cliquey. They tend to stick to their own kind once they have become a member. There is a strict rule that states active members are not to suggest to any potential member that their acceptance into the sorority is guaranteed or assured into their chapter, no matter how close of friends with the new recruits that you might be. There is a rhyme and reason behind these rules for minimal social contact with new potential recruits.

Additional reasons are to prevent negative publicity regarding the Greek community and not to exploit personal relationships during the recruitment process. Whoever said that sorority girls are catty are mistaken after they have read this golden rule. One of the many misconceptions about sorority girls is that they are dumb bimbos. Seeing as though there is rule stipulating that you have to maintain a minimum GPA of 2. This is a rule that no one would argue with is "wrong" or "too restrictive" in any way since it is a college student's obligation to put school ahead of anything else in their life.

Greek life is supposed to add to your college experience, not serve as a distraction in your academic career. One of the most fun parts about being in a sorority is that you get to attend formal at the end of the year after spring semester has ended and you feel that you deserve a break from all that hard work that you put into school.

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He wants another goddamn cooler. He expects you to have impeccably high standards except when it comes to men and gas station wine. He also gets embarrassed easily.

Would you ever date a sorority girl?

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Pros & Cons of Dating A Sorority Girl

All you guys look for is something to bitch about. Other girls who trust their boyfriend would be fine with this as well. I have too many reasons to list as to why I disagree with why sorority girls are the classiest on campus.

You got me on this one. Or any other party. Rush in general is fucking stupid. So could a great, non-sorority girl. Yeah because talking to your girlfriend is so annoying.

HA, cept they all hate each other and probably would let you handle the whole shit show. My parents HATE sorority girls. Damn that sucks man. I'd hate to say it but mentally prepare yourself for the worse. If you let her keep walking on you she's not going to stop.

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It seems she wants the whole sorority life more than she wants to be with you. OddFuture , Mar 28, I don't know her, and I don't know you so what I'm gonna say might be completely off base I had a friend in a very similar situation, and it was just the girls way of trying to break things off, but the relationship being so long, she didn't know how to do it, so she tried to distance herself and thought my friend would end up getting fed up.

He didn't and they stayed together for a bit longer and she did some horrible things behind him that he's still not over. Sit her down, have a straight up talk. If she cares about you she'll at least try to find a middle ground. If not, the longer you're around, the worst it's gonna be. Magus55x , Mar 28, SSJGundam40 , Mar 28, It depends on the school and the sorority, but they're not all sluts and I've met a lot of really chill sorority girls. It's college, I'm not saying she has to go be a huge whore, but college kids drink a lot, it's what happens in college.

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You can't judge someone for that That being said, I think you should break it off. No high school relationship lasts through college it just doesn't happen, trust me and it sounds like you both are going your separate ways. It sucks that you're in love with her but honestly, is she really the one? Some girl you met in HS? You have your whole life ahead of you, you'll be fine. And yes, if you don't break it off, she will definitely end up cheating on your or breaking up with you herself.

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SideShowMel , Mar 28, Dabears , Mar 28, Dec 28, Messages: I'd hit it a few more times and then quit it. Yea dude, the relationship is over. She's not "the one". She doesn't invite you to parties? It's because she's banging the dudes at these parties and doesn't want you to overhear "so we hookin' up again tonight?